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RegHunter Coupon Code RegHunter is an effortless but advanced Windows registry cleaner and PC optimizer that effectively repairs, restores and boosts your Windows system. RegHunter removes registry errors, cleans internal clutter, restores IE, defragments hard drives, and tunes up your computer to help it run faster!

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What is RegHunter
RegHunter is a real-time registry scanner and repair application designed to assist the average computer user in seeking out and repairing registry problems. RegHunter provides computer users with the most comprehensive registry detection and registry repair functions available, wrapped in an interface simple enough for novice PC users to master. RegHunter will not only detect existing registry errors; it will also prevent future issues that may occur down the road due to current registry structure problems.
The Windows registry is a complex structure involving a hierarchical database that stores an abundance of configuration settings related to the internal operations of Windows itself, as well as most other installed software application components. As you use your computer, and as additional software is installed and removed, invalid registry entries are created. These invalid entries and registry errors cause Windows to take longer to perform many basic tasks, such as booting up and shutting down your PC, opening documents, playing media files, and launching common programs. Additionally, invalid registry entries can cause Windows to display cryptic error messages, and to even crash unexpectedly.
Registry Repair

Scan, repair and eliminate registry problems to improve PC stability and overall performance.

System Monitor

Easily view all active processes running on your system through RegHunter's easy-to-use interface.

Optimize Your System

Automatically restore optimal PC performance through built-in RegHunter tools that seek-out performance hindering registry issues.

Technical Support

RegHunter's interactive HelpDesk gives you access to one-on-one customer support through a user-friendly ticketing system that connects you to expert PC technicians.


Speed up hard drive and application performance by accessing the disk defragmentation tool through RegHunter.

Free Updates

Receive the latest registry error detection updates to ensure RegHunter's ability to detect and fix the most recently discovered registry issues.

Defragment Registry System

Automatically defragment the registry to significantly improve system performance through RegHunter's integrated registry repair tools.

User-friendly Interface

RegHunter utilizes a user-friendly menu and interface designed for both novice and advanced computer users.

RegHunter Software Review
RegHunter will scan your computer registry for errors and try to fix them in order to optimize PC performance. Repair. backup and restore your computer registry using this tool!
The application comes with a complete set of tools for optimizing the system, the Internet connection and cleaning your computer. A startup manager, a defragmenter tool, a junk file cleaner, together with the autoplay disabling option are features that make RegHunter worth considering.
Pros: 1. Cool interface (GUI); 2. A lot of features.
Cons: 1. None.
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